Plastic sheets sales , Fabrication of Acrylic  display vitrines , Shadow boxes , etc..   

         CNC Routing , Laser cutting , Vacuum forming , Blow molded domes , Metal plasma cutting 

         Metal fabrication and welding .      Small projects welcomed 

7732 Clybourn Avenue , Sun Valley Ca. 91352
1 (818) 843-3059 1 (818) 843 3030

   8:30 am -2:00 PM weekdays 

We will be moving in mid December 2023 .  We will be closed late December to complete our move to the new shop 

location with the expectation to be back open the first week of January 2024 .   

The new address will be 7732 Clybourn Ave , Sun Valley , Ca. 91352 

Please feel free to email us  if you have any questions and need to reach us during the move as our phones will be down 

during the process as we get set back up .   We will continue to be available at the current location until then to be of service .

Thank you  for your business through out the years and continued support .    Plastic Depot of Burbank 

  • Plastic sheets , Rods and Tubes 

    Acrylic , clear , colors , mirror 
    HDPE cutting board , and smooth 
    PVC type 1 and 2 
    PVC ( Sintra) black and white 
    Coroplast black and white 

  • Resins / fiberglass 

    West Systems Epoxy and fillers 
    Polyester laminating and sanding resins 
    Fiberglass cloth and matt sold by the 
    yard or per foot 
  • Polyester films ( Mylar) 
    Mirrored and clear 7ml sold by the roll 
    and per yard 
  • Glues for Acrylic , Polycarbonate , ABS 

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1 (818) 843-3059 1 (818) 843 3030
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7732 Clybourn Avenue , Sun Valley Ca. 91352